Saturday, December 26, 2020


This post will be the 270th entry into the Genuine Faux Farm blog for 2020.  That is NOT a typo.

It started as a project to regularly provide some reading material for others and a chance for me to explore my own thoughts in the early stages of the pandemic.  I've found, over time, that this is something I can do and that it is appreciated by some good people.  That's enough reason to continue for as long as it doesn't feel forced and unproductive.

Typically, I do various "look back" posts when we get to the end of a year and beginning of the next.  This year is going to be difficult.  Why?  Well I am used to looking back on 80 to 100 posts, not 270+ entries.

I'm not sure what I'll do - if anything.  However, I did take a moment and look at July 2020's posts and I snagged the ones that I was most happy with.  

If you missed them - here's a chance to go read the editor's and the writer's picks.  Ok... the editor and writer are the same person.  I eliminated Postal History Sunday, GFF News Items and PAN cross posts from candidacy - whether you like that or not.  You can see all of the Postal History Sunday posts by looking at the "Postal History Sunday" link in the right margin.  Same for PAN posts.

I included a quick snippet from each blog to entice you to read more.  If it is new to you - enjoy!  If you read them before - enjoy!  Think of it as if you're just enjoying opening a gift all over again!

Screwy Data  Stepping up and doing what seems like the right thing always sounds so easy when we say it.  But, if it is really all that easy, why don't we do it more often?  A big part of it is because you and I are all too worried about what others will see and think about us.

Sun-Kissed  Sunflowers make me think of people, past and present, who don't tend to put themselves out in front of others as if they were important.  And, yet, there they are, standing head and shoulders above everyone else simply because of who they are.  A person of integrity who comports themselves with calm, comforting dignity.

Ree-chard!  We had some stormy weather pass through today.  We noticed that their songs stopped just prior to the point that we started noticing lightning.  We're pretty good at recognizing when the weather is going to turn, but they just might have a leg up on us.

The Inspector Checks In  The Guy with the Red Hat seems to need consoling more often than Pretty Lady does, but once I give him some attention, he usually does exactly what I want (typically a really good skritch).  Pretty Lady is a bit more like a cat (a big complement, as far as I am concerned) and it is harder to predict what she is going to do next.

Be a Real Fan  I learned that heckling and jeering has no real value overall.  At best, it is ignored as background noise.  At worst it can permanently wound a person.

Meanwhile, Back at the Farm  In my mind, a true professional IS responsible, but that's another matter entirely.  My point is that a responsible professional is going to be aware of the surroundings and the risk for injury or damage that surrounds the act of doing the job in question.  A true professional is always looking for possible problems and working to remove or mitigate them.  These people are the ones that will accept some inconvenience if that is part of the cost of doing the task safely and well.

Gentle Reminders  Perhaps a new goal or dream might seem too modest to even call it a 'goal,' much less a 'dream.'   Don't let that stop you.  Do not let anyone judge you for how grand or how mundane these goals might be (including yourself).  If they give you purpose and they give you joy as you move towards them, they are good enough.

--------------AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION----------

Thank you for reading!  If you are so inclined - tell me which of these July posts were your favorite.  While you are at it - which of the pictures shown on this blog do you like best?


  1. Tough to pick, the baseball blog resonates with me for probably obvious reasons , but definitely like the screwy data story a lot. Favorite picture? Going with the daylily for today. :)


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