Tuesday, December 29, 2020

August Company

 We're doing the "New Year" thing by looking back on the "Old Year."  As I mentioned when I featured July posts, there are simply too many posts to try to do the whole year in one shot.  So, for those months where I managed to get close to a blog a day, we're going to do a separate post.

The idea is that the writer and editor (that would be me... both of them) got together and selected the best reads from each month and put them into posts for you.  Also included are available photos from that month (sometimes I had to pick one from a prior year though!) because, well, we like pictures.  I suspect you do too - so there you have it.

We eliminated Postal History Sunday posts, PAN cross posts and posts that focused on farm business - you can go see those if you want too!  Just check the 'tag list' at the right of the screen and try some of them out.

Without further ado - here are our selections for August of 2020.

Trying to Bee Good  The swarm was quite heavy and it hit the box with a nice 'thump.'  The branch had a little kick back to it, so some bees rained all over the tractor hood and on to the driver of said tractor.  

Learn Something New   I hope you learn something new as you read this.  And if you don't, I hope it is just because you are REALLY smart and just happened to have already explored these particular topics.  Either way - good for you!

Caretaker   Those tough, thick-fingered hands don't blister much anymore because they are all callous - but they can still hold a small bird.  Gently.  Kindly.  With awe and wonder.

Local Foods Reality Check   I have seen this before - this zeal and excitement.  And, I have watched it fade rapidly.  If past history is any indication, I predict that 75% of the new CSA subscribers that jumped on getting a share this year will not return for 2021.
Prove me wrong.  Prove me wrong without needing a pandemic or other disaster to encourage you.

So-Called Media Madness   Facebook: "We're guessing that fifty people thought they might see something you posted somewhere, so we counted that and made a nice chart.  If you gave us some money, we'll make a nicer chart that has better numbers.  We take all major credit cards and Paypal!"

What it Feels Like to Fail   The two of us have given ourselves plenty of opportunity to fail since we started raising poultry and vegetables on our farm in 2004.  And, for good or bad, we have experienced our share of failures.  You might even be tempted to say that we are quite good at it!

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Thank you for reading!  If you are so inclined - tell me which of these August posts were your favorite.  While you are at it - which of the pictures shown on this blog do you like best?

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