Monday, December 14, 2020

We Can Work Together Using This One Weird Trick

And you thought I was done with my attempts to figure out how to do click-bait titles?  Think again.  Actually, I was told recently that I just don't have it in me to really do click-bait.  I'll take that as a compliment.

But, now that we've gotten past the preliminaries AND you've fallen prey to my fine example of click bait and come to read this blog - let's get down to the topic at hand!

The One Weird Trick is This

I have learned that click bait only works if you drag people through a whole bunch of screens and then never actually tell them what the one trick is.  Why?  Because by the time a person gets to the end, they've forgotten what the topic was.

Well - I'll get right to the point.  There ISN'T one weird trick to make us all work together.  

I lied.

Just to get you to come read my blog post.

Now I feel bad.

So I had better give you something more than that.

There is No "Trick"

There is just honest work to always do better and be better.  There must be a desire to engage in consistent and continual learning.  We all need an ear that patiently listens while we show empathy for those who are speaking.  We must have a willingness to admit when we don't know - or that we might be wrong.  There must be a heart that seeks cooperation and compassion over competition and self-satisfaction.  And we need to exercise our mind so that it engages in critical thought processes to examine what we think is true and how we came to that conclusion - and then allows us to re-assess it fairly when something new is brought to our attention.  We must put for the effort to discern whether the source is worthy of trust even or especially when we are inclined to agree.  And our tongue must speak without exaggeration and our mind needs to consider our words with care.  

And - we must put forth continuous effort that cycles us through failures and uncertainty, successes and enlightenment.

Chew on that for a while.  I know I have (and will continue to do so).

We take click-bait links or listen to sensationalized news or pass on the 'clever' social media meme because we want a trick that solves difficult problems with minimal effort on our part.  Or we take click-bait because we want the thrill of some ridiculous something or another.  Or we just want to remind ourselves how superior we are to everyone else.  Or we are idly curious - and we want something to sneer at or be surprised by.

We take click-bait because we want to skip to the end of the book.  Jump to the end-game.  Know what to think about everything - all the time - right away.  We take click bait because it is easy - and it is addictive - and it excites us in all of the wrong ways.

Not here and not today.  Today we work together by using this one weird trick:

We admit that it won't be easy and we do it anyway - the hard way.

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