Saturday, January 2, 2021

September's Color

We're doing the "New Year" thing by looking back on the "Old Year."  As I mentioned when I featured July posts, there are simply too many posts to try to do the whole year in one shot.  So, for those months where I managed to get close to a blog a day, we're going to do a separate post.

The idea is that the writer and editor (that would be me... both of them) got together and selected the best reads from each month and put them into posts for you.  Also included are available photos from that month (sometimes I had to pick one from a prior year though!) because, well, we like pictures.  I suspect you do too - so there you have it.

We eliminated Postal History Sunday posts, PAN cross posts and posts that focused on farm business - you can go see those if you want too!  Just check the 'tag list' at the right of the screen and try some of them out.

Without further ado - here are our selections for September of 2020.

Details, Details    People would rather draw lines in the sand for the basic concepts - even if they aren't the right ones to argue over - than 'get into the weeds' and do a little learning and cooperative discovery so they can make the best decision they can make.

Faded   The path turns.  A flash of the deepest blue catches your eye. Suddenly, you don't feel quite so tired and you pick up the pace.  You turn again and there it is.  Something that takes your breath away.  Something that renews you.

Drink Out of the Hose?  Kids and turkeys.  Do the similarities end at the affinity for drinking out of the hose?

Not That Simple   In the end, I discovered that the responses of others who felt I had to either love beets or hate them did not matter - because they haven't taken the time to know beets like I have.

Miles Gone By -  And, this is why it can be so hard to try to make a connection with other people when we try to explain what it is like - doing what we do.  How do you get someone to understand our brand of farming until they have climbed into and back out of a pickup truck thousands of times?

Over/Under on Whelmed -  Feel free to ask the question.  Go ahead!  Are we just borrowing trouble by putting all of these 'big picture' things onto our 'list of concerns?'  It is certainly a valid question - and I have asked myself this question more than once.  So, let's do a reality check here.  Should I be allowing these things to take up brain space?

Learn Something New Again -  If you are a curious soul, like I am, it can be quite enjoyable to dig into something and learn.  I will also admit that learning new things can be a comfort.  And, after the post just prior to this one, I think we all (those of us who write the blog and those who read it) could use a little comforting.

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Thank you for reading!  If you are so inclined - tell me which of these August posts were your favorite.  While you are at it - which of the pictures shown on this blog do you like best?

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