Friday, September 4, 2020

Drink Out of the Hose?

 Do you recall when the turkeys looked and sounded like this?

Well, they do not look and sound like that anymore.  The turks are now day-ranging (out on pasture during the day and in a safe room in the Poultry Pavilion by night.  They are slowly learning to go in with less prompting in the evenings, though we doubt they will go in if we aren't around to encourage it.  (Alas)

I have mentioned to people that our turkeys like to drink out of the hose....  So, what was it about drinking out of the hose that was such a big deal for so many kids (and - as I understand - it still is)?  It never really tasted all that good - frankly.  And, if you work on a farm like ours, the appeal isn't as great for all sorts of reasons.

Anyway - getting back on point.  People look doubtful when I tell them the birds like to drink out of the hose. So...

This actually becomes quite an event when I go out to give the turks water in the middle of the day.  They will come running when they see I am about to go about this task.  I take the waterer lids off and put the plugs in place.  Then, I step back so there is some space for them to have a little fun.

For those who think it is just because their waterer was empty, I offer this:

Yes, I just held the hose out there to let it run and these birds thought it was still pretty cool.  In fact, we sometimes just lay the hose on the ground to distract the birds so we can go about doing other things.  It works.  Really.

So, there you have it.  Kids and turkeys.  Do the similarities end at the affinity for drinking out of the hose?  Parents?  What do you think?

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