Thursday, September 10, 2020


The farmers are taking a break from deliveries this week.  We sent the formal announcement out to our customer list last evening and everyone who reads the blog gets to hear about it when they .. well... read the blog!

We are taking this week off from deliveries for a host of reasons.  We are also taking today off from writing a blog post - so we asked Cucumber Frog to write one.

We did not want to leave you WITHOUT a blog for September 10th, so we asked Cucumber Frog if he would make a few recommendations for you to read in lieu of a brand, spanking new post today.  

Cucumber Frog Recommends:

Cucumber Frog seems to like posts that feature Crazy Maurice and... other frogs.  Imagine that!  His first recommendation is:

Crazy Maurice Talks About Neighbors

Cucumber Frog's second recommendation features... a frog.  And solar energy among other things.

Give the Frog A Name

Cucumber Frog also regretfully submits the following TWO blogs.  You see, he LOVES cucumbers and peas since that has typically been the field he lives in every season.

Minding Your Peas and Cukes

Vine-ally Minding Your Peas and Cukes


Cucumber Frog wishes all of you a wonderful day!  Peas be careful out there!

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