Saturday, September 19, 2020

Is It Just Me?

I was in the mood for selecting an older farm picture to see what I could see.  The problem is - we don't have all that many photos of the farm prior to 2010.  That has something to do with no access to a digital camera.  When you had to develop film, you tended to be much more deliberate with your picture taking!

Apparently, at some point in 2007, we had brief access to a digital camera and I found a few pictures from that year, most of them taken during one of our "Tom Sawyer Days" where we invited volunteers to come help at the farm.  It was a good idea that worked for us for a few years until interest in them waned.

At the time this photo was taken, our biggest piece of equipment was a lawn tractor with a rototiller attachment.  We still set ourselves up for multiple farmers markets, our CSA number was 40-50 shares and I believe I was still doing a little adjunct teaching at Wartburg College that fall.  

My remembrance of how things looked at that time has been clouded somewhat by time, but I seem to recall trees, plants and wildlife being more vibrant than they are now.  I realize we all have a tendency to glorify the past.  But, I look at this picture and see enough that makes me feel that I just might be right.

Is it just me?

Please note that I am not saying I want to go back to 2007.  That is not the point.  The point is, I've been feeling as if the land is growing ill and has been losing its look of glowing health.  Is it because I am becoming jaded or am I observing something real?  

Sadly, the science says I just might be observing something real.  I'd like to work to reverse the process.  And, I'd like you to join me.


  1. Fascinating. I guess we have to factor in eyesight changes along with soil/air/water health ;-) Do you have a recent picture at the same growth season for comparison? Most of us don't have the perspective of the land around us - or we're distracted by the bling - all of which have changed as well. But it is fascinating to take a snapshot in time and reflect on the processes that bring us to where we are now - and where we should aim the journey next.

    1. The good news is that I do have many pictures. the difficulty is that our farm has changed so much every year that it is impossible to make a direct comparison. Nonetheless, I think we will behave as if we need to do something to help and we will also believe that our efforts will mean something.

  2. We were pretty dry this year too.

    1. Certainly. that does make an impact on how things look. But, I am not just talking about this moment during this growing season - but I suspect you knew that already. :) Last year was quite wet and I did not feel that things were terribly healthy in the plant and wildlife world either.


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