Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Covid Lemonade

Tammy has been using a phrase on and off since the pandemic became a global reality.  Some people think it's funny, some people aren't so sure about it, but it actually makes a lot of sense to me.  But, perhaps that's because I get to hear more about it than most people.

In other words, "Covid Lemonade" is another thing that is just Not That Simple!  On the surface, you might decide (without having any other information) that it's a silly attempt at putting two opposites next to each other (assuming you like lemonade, of course).  And, depending on how you feel about things, you might decide to be amused or offended without even bothering to understand anything further.

What?  Covid Lemonade?!?

Generally speaking, we are all in agreement that Covid-19 is not a good thing for humans.  But, let me point you to two common sayings:

  • It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.
  • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Hence, "Covid Lemonade."  

Life gave us a pandemic.  It's a natural process that occurs every so often in all natural populations on this Earth.  We don't have to like it.  It's impact is causing us to take precautions and deprive ourselves of things we typically enjoy - and that's for those of us who have it good!  There are many people who still are unemployed or underemployed because of Covid.  Hundreds of thousands of people are dead in the US alone.  Even more people are likely to deal with long-term effects of the disease. 

These are some pretty nasty lemons.

And yet, is it the truly ill wind that blows nobody any good?

Only if we let it.

Making Covid Lemonade

This is exactly what Tammy is referring to when she labels things "Covid Lemonade."  Looking for the things we can do simply because life is different with the pandemic.  It has nothing to do with ignoring the negative things or belittling losses or pain and suffering.  It has everything to do with doing what we can to make things the best they can be given the circumstances.  And you know what, sometimes there are opportunities that come up when things change!

So, what sorts of "Covid Lemonade" have we been making at the Genuine Faux Farm?

1. We are remembering what we value

It has become clearer than ever that we value the natural world.  We value health, friendship, and family.  We value learning and knowledge and we love to share and help others to learn.  We value integrity, honesty and kindness.  We value craftsmanship, friendly competition and cooperation and we appreciate the accomplishments of honed skills.

2. We are realizing what we have over-valued

Most of the things we have found we over-value are commercial in nature and not a necessity.  Does it mean we don't miss some of these things?  No.  Does it mean they had no value?  No.  What it means is that before we hit the adversity that is the pandemic, we had them in the wrong spot in our priorities list.

And, yeah.  I suspect we've also found some things we were wrong about and shouldn't have valued them at all - but that's not what this blog is about today!

3. We are finding opportunities to highlight what we value in a new world

I've kept it on the philosophical side up to this point.  And, I realize that I have mentioned some of the things that follow in other posts.  But, I want to clearly show others how Tammy and I are trying to make Covid Lemonade for ourselves.  Sometimes, a batch might taste a little bitter and other times a little too sweet - but overall, I think we're doing ok.

  • Play a board game about once a day if we can.  It can be both friendly competition and sometimes cooperation.  It helps us remove distractions from our connection to each other.
  • I have been writing frequent blog posts.  I hope that doing this is both a learning and a teaching process.  I am trying to encourage a positive connection with other people by encouraging critical thought, honesty, kindness and integrity as best I can.
  • Take short trips to parks within an hour drive and walk around and take photos (if we remember the camera).  We continue to exercise our appreciation of nature and our connection to each other and connections to others who are appreciating the park as well (even if from a distance).
  • Eat better food - home made bread and many more meals at home and more selectivity about where we might get prepared foods.  
  • Converse with more purpose. I think we are saying more of what we mean and sharing more of what we feel and that goes hand in hand with really listening to what others have to say.

So - how are you making Covid Lemonade?


  1. I am studying to get board certified in Lifestyle Medicine to address the root causes of disease with evidence-based therapies in lifestyle behaviors such as diet, exercise, sleep, social connectivity and stress. If I hadn't lost my job due to covid, I would not have had the time or motivation to pursue this much needed new field of medicine.

    1. Perfect example of COVID lemonade. Thanks!

  2. Nice rainbow picture! ;)


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