Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Coloring Book

I've been known to doodle pictures here and there.  In fact, nieces and nephews and godchildren have probably - at some point or another - done some drawing and coloring with me.  It's a simple thing to do in a shared environment that is creative and cooperative.  And, I suppose my introverted self can interact in a safe way as well.

Well, here we are in February and I was outside moving snow after another snowfall of four to five inches.  This certainly has not been the snowiest winter we've experienced, but it sure has been... well.... white.  With the bright sunshine today it was blindingly, brilliantly white.

I am not complaining because fresh snow is quite beautiful, covering up the sins of our existence with its splendor.  But, I have to admit that I am finding photos like the one below even more attractive than usual.

I saw this particular picture as I was scrolling through old farm pictures from 2013 and it made me feel like I could take out the colored pencils or the crayolas and maybe start coloring the snow so I could change it all to Spring.  It was only a momentary whimsy, but it stayed long enough for me to recognize that I, the farmer, was actually starting to feel a little bit like I wanted Spring to come.

This is a momentous occasion because for the past few years I have been reticent to welcome Spring.  Spring only represented the beginning of the period of time where there would be work and more work, followed by... work.  I was not ready to welcome Spring when we were in February and I was just fine with the snow holding on so I had an excuse to ignore what was heading our way - that light coming towards us in the tunnel was a freight train that was the growing season.  Start running now or decorate the walls of the tunnel!

So, does this mean I am ready for Spring this year?  In terms of certain tasks - probably not.  But, in terms of having spirit that could be ready to begin the process of growing again this year - I think so.

It's a good sign that perhaps some balance is being achieved.  Or maybe, it's a sign that a different imbalance has come to be.  I'm a farmer, so the line between the two is often crossed, sometimes frequently over the period of one day.

For now, we'll call it a good sign.  After all, the snow is beautiful, the sunshine is beautiful and the green leaves with an iris is also beautiful. 

Almost made me want to get out the colored pencils so I could draw for a minute there.  But, the picture above will probably do for the time being.

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