Thursday, February 11, 2021

Something Completely Different

Sometimes, we see things and we just can't help ourselves.  We receive a few magazines related to horticulture and agriculture (I wonder why that would be?).  And, those magazines have advertisements.  And, many of those advertisements are for products we won't use - such as pesticides.  And... well, here's a picture that is supposed to make us want to use an insecticide.

Possible captions:
a. Caterpillar, it's what's for dinner (alas for Copland, a fine piece of music forever scarred)
b. Hey Rocky, watch me cut off my arm with this stylized hatchet!
c. I have something to tell you, I'm not left appendaged either!
d. Look, I've got a new cell phone holder!  It makes me want to.... sing!

On first glance, I might suggest that these critters appear to be more of a danger fo the dude with the hatchet and the dagger.  After all, they seem to be going after him - and the crops don't look like they've taken any damage at all.  In fact, it seems to me that this guy is more of a threat to himself AND the crops than he is to the creepy crawlies surrounding him.
Heck!  He even parked his TRUCK on the tomatoes... or beans... or whatever crop the artist was trying to depict.  Now, if this fellow just led these critters OUT of the field wouldn't we all be happier?  I know I would. 

Actually, I think we can tell why the insects are so upset - it's the guy's jewelry choices.  And, what's up with that belt?  If you're going to be harvesting those terribly short tomatoes (or whatever they are) you going to need to bend over at the waist.  With that belt?  Maybe not.  
I still think it's all a moot point.  He's going to chop off his arm anyway.  At least the truck is nearby so he can try to get himself to a hospital.  At that point, they might be able to put his left appendage back ON.  
One final observation (what? just one more?).  This guy must be new on the job.  Shiny hatchet.  Clean and bright red shirt.  No wear or staining on the jeans.  Why did they send the rookie out here for this job?  Is it because all of the other workers only have one hand?  Is this part of the hazing process for hatchet wielding, creepie crawly attracting, truck parking on the tomatoes guys who have poor tastes in accessories?  Heck - there isn't even a sweat stained band on the red hat.
Speaking of which, I resent their choice for hat color.  And that's all I'll say about that.

Then, there is this picture.  I took it when I noticed (in December, 2012) how shiny Chumley's bumper was.  Mrranda (a wonderful farm supervisor who left us too soon) noticed I was taking a picture and wanted to watch.  So, you can see the cat looking up (bottom left).  

I missed framing it by "this much."  There's a hand holding a camera at the left.  Chumley has been a very good truck for us, but his bumpers no longer gleam with the newness that they did at this time.  He is now an older and much wiser truck - showing some scars that come from good honest farm work.
Then, there was Bullwinkle the potato...
Hey Rocky!  Watch me pull a potato out of the ground!  It seemed like the Rio Grande russets were more prone to odd shapes this year than any of the other varieties we grew in 2012.  Happily, it was not all of the crop, so when we ran across something like this, it was amusing, rather than annoying.  I had to bring this up because we've already referenced Rocky and Bullwinkle in this blog post.  Might as well go all the way with it!

If you recall the growing season for 2012, you'll remember it was dry.  But, do you also remember how warm it got REALLY early?  All of the trees budded out early and fruit trees in Iowa went to town, putting blooms on absurdly early.  Then, of course, we had freezes that took out many of the fruit crops in the state. 

We're not big fruit growers.  We just have 6-8 apple trees, a couple of plums, pears and ...two peach trees.  The only tree to give us any fruit?  A peach.  Look in the center of the picture and a bit to the right.  There it is.  The only fruit we got from our trees in 2012.  Yes, it was tasty.  Yes, I shared.

As veggie farmers, we don't get quite as excited for Spring as we once did.  Don't get us wrong.  Both of us still feel the thrill of seeing Robins again (for example).  But, Spring means the beginning of the season that doesn't let us slow down.  It's fine once it starts, but sometimes a person doesn't want to start.  I'm sure everyone knows that feeling.

Perhaps this coming Spring will be different?  After all, the farm is going to have a very different purpose and Rob's PAN job will not be so new.  Still, when all else fails.  We remember iris flowers.  Now, there's a good reason to look forward to Spring!  The flower above is known as Spouting Horn.  We are hoping to see it again this Spring.

Speaking of "Spouting Horn,"  here it is - from the coast of Oregon.  We have not been back to see it since our trip way back in March of 2012. 

Spring also makes us think of wind....   Now that I've mentioned Oregon, I can look at the picture below and get some perspective.
When I'm tempted to complain about the wind on the farm, I'll look at this.  Our trees don't look like that.  Maybe the wind here isn't so bad after all.
This is a revitalization of a February 20, 2013 post on our blog.  Much of it was, of course, dated and would not be appropriate to take as is - so I started to edit it.  Then I started having more fun with the post itself.  In many ways, this "throwback" post is more of a "remake" post.  It was actually kind of nice to have the basic structure in place and all I had to do was fill in the blanks with new or revised writing.
Have a good day and watch out for guys with weird belts, hatchets and a lack of consideration as to where they should park the truck! 
And, hey!  Do you have a suggestion for a caption to place on the first image?  Share them with us!


  1. The guy in the cartoon is too clean-shaven...

    1. If you are implying I am that guy - remember, I would not bother picking the critter up to swing the hatchet!

  2. Save the pepper tomato bean things!

    1. Maybe we need to come up with an ad campaign for that?


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