Friday, April 9, 2021

Inspector's Findings

If you have been paying attention to the blogs posted here for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you might have noticed that we've used the input of some of the denizens of the Genuine Faux Farm.  If you missed them, Chicken Stu started us off on Tuesday, followed by some Lost Writings from the SandmanCrazy Maurice weighed in on yesterday's blog.

Today, we asked the Inspector if he would be willing to answer a few more questions that we have received for his input.

What do you do when it gets REALLY cold outside?

I'm not sure what you are asking.  It's really nice out here right now.

(The farmer tries to explain that the questioner wants to know what he does on days when it IS really cold...)

But, it's not really cold right now.  A little wet in places, but I can find a nice spot under that green tree over there that's dry.  I've made a nice little nest there where I can be forewarned when you or Pretty Lady come out of the house or are on the way back into it.

After a while, I can munch a little food and drink a little water.  Then I can take a stroll over the building without walls (the old barn) and find a spot in the old straw to hang out for a while.  

(The farmer tries to explain... again.)

OH.  You mean WAY back THEN?  Why would we want to talk about that?  It was cold and I didn't like it.  But, it's ok.  It's nice today and I can find some great places to be.

How important is dignity to a cat?

What is it with your questions for today?  A cat is ALWAYS dignified because a cat is always doing what it wants to do when it wants to do it.  How can that NOT be dignified.

(The farmer attempts to explain that it has to do with a picture of him accepting a belly-rub...)

You're offering a belly-rub?  Ok.

(After a belly-rub, the farmer attempts to explain.... one more time)

Let's see.  You're telling me that you offering a belly-rub and me deciding I like that idea is somehow undignified?  I did get you to do something I like when I wanted it didn't I?

(The farmer concedes the point.)

Do you like chicken?

You know, they're just a bit uptight, don't you think?  I mean, I'm sure they're fine and all of that.  After all, I see that you give them food and water every day.  So, they must have some reason for being here.  But, I don't really want to hang around with them much.

(The farmer points out that the hens were actually a little upset the last time he visited their pasture...)

Well, yeah.  As I said, they're a little uptight.  I was just meandering and checking the world out - no big deal you know?  It meant I had to change how I went about doing my rounds - but it's all good.  They don't really bother me, you know?

(What?  You expected a different answer?)

Give us NEW questions to ask the Inspector!

The Inspector actually likes this question and answer game!  But, we've run out of questions that have been offered up for the Inspector.  Put some new ones in the comments for the blog or for social media.  Or if you would prefer, you can email us at genuinefauxfarm (at gmail dot com).

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