Tuesday, April 20, 2021

More Lost Writings of the Sandman

The recent rediscovery of some of my notes I had taken after various conversations with the Sandman led to a post a couple of weeks ago that outlined a few of that wise Spokescat's thoughts.  I ran into that pile of papers again yesterday and couldn't help but take a few moments to read through a couple.  As I did so, I realized that I shouldn't keep all of this to myself - so we have another entry of the Lost Writings...

The Sandman on Public Transit

On very rare occasions, the Sandman would listen while the farmers discussed various topics as they worked in the fields.  Well - actually, the Sandman probably listened far more to what we said than we know.  Whether he found much value in most of our words is open for debate (hint, he probably discarded most of what we said as human "silliness").

Anyway, once in a great while, he would weigh in with me on one of our topics.  His take on public transportation follows:

"You humans would do well to watch me - and even Mrranda, though she's not nearly as good at this as I am.  Cats know how to get from here to there.  It's all a matter of seizing opportunities as they arise.

If the farmer is going my way, it's a simple matter to reach out and hook a quick ride.  And it so simple to exit when you're where you want to go.  It's full service because it usually includes a skritch or two!  Public transportation should be about comfort and convenience - I, the Sandman, have spoken!"

I guess I did not fully realize until that point that the Sandman's penchant for approaching me as I went from here to there and voicing a certain inquiry was his way of "thumbing a ride."  He just had this way of letting me know and I usually obliged with the offer of one arm that he would "hook" and I'd straighten up with a passenger in tow.

If I had a free hand... he got free skritches.  That just shows you how clever the Sandman was... somehow I didn't know I was being USED.

Of course, I made the mistake of trying to explain to the Sandman that things were different for humans and the issue was bigger than that.  He would have nothing of that, basically reminding me that humans are usually pretty messed up and that they should be more like him and his fellow felines.

The Sandman even made mention of slower public transit options by taking note of the times he (or Mrranda - and now Inspector) might jump on to a farmer's back as they crawled along a row of veggies they were working in.

"Public transportation should be about comfortable feet.  If your feet are cold, find a farmer."

And now you know.  Uncomfortable feet?  Find a farmer - that'll fix it!

The Sandman on Sleep Deprivation

I apologized to the Sandman one day because I had neglected to allow him to hitch a ride when he asked for one.  He, of course, had let it slide initially because - well - why get all worked up about a human that is too dull to figure out his duties?  It's what humans do and you just have to deal with it.  But, when I came back around later he did voice his displeasure - after all, it was now convenient for him to tell me what he thought.

After telling him I'd had a bad night sleeping and was really tired...

"Humans are hopeless!  Ugh!  If you are tired, you should take a nap....  I, the Sandman, have spoken!  Now, I need a lift, give me your arm."

Underneath it all, I realized the Sandman had a soft spot for his farmers.  Few self-respecting cats would have taken as much time trying to mentor us as this particular feline did.  Sure, we were probably lost causes.  But, to him, we must have been worth it.

After all, look at how many opportunities he gave us to serve - and to learn his feline wisdom.

Until then, we should all take a nap.  I, the farmer who was tutored by the Sandman, have spoken.

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