Friday, October 23, 2020

Turkey Smiles

 "Oh look!" I said to myself.  "The turkeys are visiting Crazy Maurice.  I should take a picture of that."


"Oh look!" said the turkeys to each other.  


"There's the farmer!  I think he wants to take a picture of us!"

"We should run towards him so he can do just that!"

"Wait?  Why is he putting the camera down now?"

 And so, the turkeys ran the rest of the way to the border of the turkey pasture and hen pasture.  They raised a crowd gobble in an effort to get the attention of the departing farmer - but he continued to walk away.  

Their sounds became a bit more dejected.  "Don't you want a really GOOD picture of us?  I thought we were your favorites?  We'll even smile!"

Ok, that got the farmer's attention.  He has yet to see a turkey smile.

Do ANY of these turkey faces actually have a smile?  You tell me!

Oh - wait!   I found the bird that was smiling.....


  1. Yes, I'm sure you did. THe last one is definitely smiling!

  2. I would like to buy the one that is smiling when it is available!

  3. What? And deprive the guy in the red hat of seeing the turkey smile again?

    1. The guy in the red hat was pleased to send the smiling turkey to a new home.


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