Thursday, May 13, 2021

Even the Flowers

It wasn't going to matter what time of year the kidney surgery was going to happen, I knew I would miss something that I normally enjoy simply because I was too busy recovering (and frankly, being miserable at times).  Perhaps "missing" things is not entirely correct - but I'm not sure I got to enjoy a few of things as much as I normally do.

Late April and early May is typically prime time for Pasque flowers on the farm and I did get to see some of them prior to surgery and I took a few pictures of them (as I like to do).  We have a few of these plants in one of the plantings by the house and I took a picture of two of them.

The first reminded me a bit of some folks who seem to be the greeters and smiling faces in this world.  There are times, of course, that an introvert such as myself can feel just a little overwhelmed by these people.  But, if we can observe them from an appropriate distance (for an introvert) we appreciate the sunshine and vitality that flows off of them.

Then I noticed this flower, hiding amidst the leaves of the Surprise Lilies.  Even the flowers appear to have their introverts.  This one was just as beautiful, even though it presented itself in a different way.  There is still sunshine and vitality - even if it doesn't want to advertise itself.  It just takes a bit more work to appreciate.


And as bonus, I'll add a Farmer Rob recovery update.  I was able to participate on Wednesday in some tomato transplanting in to Eden (our smaller high tunnel).  While I had to operate differently than usual, it felt fantastic to be outside in sun, working with the plants a little bit.  I have also been able to ease back into my job with Pesticide Action Network this week and I am grateful to them to allow me to work with whatever my body allows.

I tire much more quickly than usual - of course.  I also still have trouble with screens and concentration at times.  Yet, it all improves from day to day and I am taking my recovery seriously.  Most of the time I am at peace with limitations because I am confident I can work to overcome them as I heal.  I recognize some don't have that luxury (to overcome limitations and heal) and I know I am blessed to have a good prognosis and to be able to work my way forward into better health.

I'll even throw in a bonus Pasque Flower picture.

Have a great day everyone!

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