Thursday, May 21, 2020

Another Farm Walkabout

We took another walkabout with the camera in tow on Tuesday.. or was it Wednesday?  Does it really matter?  We took another walkabout with the camera.  That's good enough!

Things seem to change so much as Spring progresses that it seems as though we almost need to take the camera on these tours daily.  Since that is unlikely to happen, we'll just share when we manage it.

Public Service Announcement
Are you a registered voter in Iowa?  If you are, you should have received something that looks like THIS in the mail.

 Fill out the form in this mailing and mail it back to your county auditor so it is received in Friday's mail delivery.  This will put you on the list to receive a mail-in ballot for June 2nd's Iowa primary.  We have an opportunity to have a say in who runs for federal Senate and House seats as well as Iowa Senate and House seats.  If you didn't receive one of these or you have lost it, you can go here to request a mail in ballot

And Now, For Baby Oak Leaves!
Aren't they cute?!?
The oaks on the farm are taking their own sweet time with their leaves this year.  We are VERY ok with this because we may be past most of the atrazine spraying in our neighborhood for corn... because most of the corn is done.  Why does this matter?  Well, we seem to have trouble with Oak Tatters on our trees in years when the pre-emergent herbicide spraying happens concurrently with the point the leaves on these trees unfurl.  Here's to a hopefully good year for the oak trees!

Take a Deep Breath (but not too deep, you might snort a bee!)

Actually, I don't usually notice a whole lot of honeybee activity in lilacs.  On the other hand, there are often some smaller bees and other interesting insects in our lilac bushes.  I've also noticed that there is a snake that enjoys the lilacs by the southwest corner of our farm.  If you don't like snakes and you come visit the farm, I'll check before you go down there.  But, trust me, this snake isn't particularly fond of humans either and it prefers to be well hidden when we go near.

What are these bushes?  Well, the tag (which I am amazed I just found on my desk from years ago) says it is a Pearlbush.  It is pretty.  So, we just call it a "pretty bush."  Good enough for us.

Speaking of Bees (we were?)
We added a second hive of honey bees to the farm yesterday.  They moved in next door to the hive that over-wintered successfully with us.  Tammy and I both welcomed them to the farm and expressed our feeling that there were PLENTY of things for both hives to visit on the farm.  I tried to take a representative with me to the apple trees, but it didn't stay with me the whole way.

So, I just let it be.

Middle Earth is Planted
Not that you can really tell - but the plot we call "Middle Earth" is now fully planted.  Beans, potatoes and flowers.  Since the beans and potatoes are seeds that have yet to show their faces to the sun, we'll just point out the lovely fence that is intended to keep Mr. Chucky McChuckster Woodchuck out and the line of flower seedlings. 

Have a great Thursday everyone!  If.. in fact... that is what today is.  If it isn't, don't bother telling me because it won't actually make a difference.  I still intend on having a good day.  Doesn't matter what you call it!

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