Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Memorial Day weekend has traditionally heralded the start of heavy planting season at the Genuine Faux Farm.  At least, that is true assuming the weather allows us to do any work.  Thus far, we have not been completely soaked this Spring, so we have managed to get some things done.  There are other things we wanted to get done, but can't because it IS too wet.  But, it is what we deal with semi-regularly around here.  Pretty much it goes from too early/cold to too wet and we just keep getting more anxious to put things in.  It is just the cycle we live on the farm.

The past several days, going into the end of last week have seen a number of changes.  The nuggets (the broiler chickens) have been moved from the brooder and on to the pasture areas.  The two buildings you see in the photo above provide shelter for these birds.  They were moved from this location to the pasture area a little over a week ago to prepare for the move.  Each of the buildings is surrounded by electric netting.  We open the doors every morning to let the birds out and we heard them back in and close the doors to protect them at night.  We move these buildings every other day to keep the pasture healthy and to give the birds fresh areas to sleep.

Needless to say, we'd love to show you some pictures of that process, but we are usually too busy actually DOING the move to take pictures.  In fact, that will be the case for most of what we talk about in today's blog post.

We managed to put 50-60 tomatoes into Eden (one of the high tunnels), got a couple hundred lettuce plants put in and managed to put in 750 to 800 row feet of potatoes.  That is good news, because that means we are done planting taters, precious!  All of the house plants finally made it to their Summer outdoor locations and we've potted a bunch of flowers to make our world a little prettier.  The mower saw a good bit of action and we harvested asparagus.  All in all, we got a fair amount done.

Things we wish we had completed include putting in the 300 asparagus crowns that just arrived at the farm.  Sadly, it is just going to have to wait until things dry out a little.  The onions still need to go in, but they just have to wait as well.  We'll get there, it just takes us a bit more time now that the farmer has another job and we have no farm crew.

Here's hoping for a good week or two of weather so we can get things in the ground!

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