Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Available from GFF May 20

We will be putting our available items up on the web the day of a delivery each week on the blog in addition to our email newsletter list.  The email list goes out the day prior to the blog posting, so if you wish to get in on the earlier version (and avoid having things sell out) then contact us at our email address.

Available This Week:
  • Eggs - $3.50/dozen (sold out)
  • Carrots - $2.50/pound (sold out)
  • Asparagus - $5.00/pound 
  • Spinach - $4.00/bag

The asparagus is from two sources.  Our own farm and Jeff Sage's gardens.  The rains and warmer weather have really kicked our patches into gear!  Even so, we were close to selling out as 9pm on Tuesday.  The spinach in Eden is peaking right now and loving this weather.  Sadly, temperatures in the 80s usually means the end of the spinach, so enjoy it now while we have it!

Pick Up Locations Today

  1. 5:00-5:15PM  Waverly - St Andrew's Church parking lot
  2. 5:30-5:45PM  Waverly - Yogi Life Studio parking lot
Drive by delivery.  Drive up/park, open your trunk or tailgate, stand aside and we'll put your order in your vehicle.  Do not approach us, even though we would love to see you. 
If you are biking/walking, we will place your order where you can get it after we step back.

We will NOT take payment at delivery, please see below for how payments will work.

Thank you so much for tolerating this process to help keep everyone safe and healthy.  We will modify the process as the season progresses and available product dictates the need to do so.

How Do I Order?
For the time being, we are taking orders via email.  We are asking those who wish to place orders to participate in our Pre-Paid Farm Credit Program.  The program is simple and easy to join.  You get better prices and you will help us to limit transactions (and remove the process of passing money back and forth during deliveries).

How Can I Participate?
2020 Pre-Paid Farm Credit Program
We will run the system in $50 increments.  In other words, you can purchase a minimum of $50 of farm credit at a time.  We will cap the maximum amount of credit at $200 and you can refill your farm credits at any point.
Like the CSA program, this gives you the advantage of not having to pull out money at each delivery.  Instead, we will have a ledger with tracking for your current credit balance. Farm credits can be used for ANY farm product the Genuine Faux Farm offers.  If you buy farm credits, you can apply them to purchasing meat chickens, vegetables, eggs or any other thing we offer this year.
If you want to send us a check via mail - email us for our farm address.
Want to use Paypal?
You may send cash to
We are accepting purchases of credits now and throughout the season.
Upcoming Schedule
  • Wed) May 20 - Waverly, St Andrew's Church & Yogi Life
  • (Thus) May 28 - Cedar Falls, Jorgensen Plaza and Hansen's Outlet
  • (Wed) June 3 - Waverly, St Andrew's Church & Yogi Life
  • (Thus) June 14 - Cedar Falls, Jorgensen Plaza and Hansen's Outlet
Tammy and Rob's Weekly Challenge
Inspector, the cat, loves to converse with us and he wants MORE questions than those he got last week.  We challenge all of you to come up with questions for Inspector!  We'll ask him and post his answers on the blog next week. 
Crop and Poultry Report
We received about 1.5" of rain in the latest events.  Happily, we didn't get a downpour and this was a good amount for us to be getting.  We got the first succession of summer squash and zucchini in the ground and we planted some of our first green bean seeds of the season.  We are adding a second bee hive today on the farm.  The first is looking pretty good - it managed to make it through the Winter (first time ever for us!).  The broiler chicks go out to pasture today and the hens get moved to a new pasture later in the week.  After we clean out the hen room, the henlets will move into that room and have plenty of room in there to explore and make the place their own before we let them into the pasture.  In the interim we will be doing some reseeding in that pasture to make it more attractive for them.
Iowa's Re-Opening and GFFWe had a couple of people ask how or if we will change anything with the announcement that restrictions were being relaxed in Iowa.  The short answer is "no."

The longer answer?  Natural processes, such as the spread of a virus, do not read calendars and do not heed government mandate.  Until we believe that there are proven therapies to address this threat, we will continue to use our cautious approach.  It is important to us that we do things to help keep you safe and healthy in whatever ways we are able. 

Thank you for continuing to support us in this matter by following delivery instructions.  We do appreciate it.
Do You Need Help?
Perhaps we can help in some small way.  If you are stuck at home and you need something we can pick up for you as a part of our delivery process, let us know.  We could swing by Meyer Pharmacy or Fareway in Waverly if you need it.  We can pick up some milk and cheese at Hansen's.  It's a small thing we might be able to do to help.  
Remember to Vote in the Iowa Primaries
The Iowa Secretary of State maintains a list of those who have filed to be eligible to run for Federal and State of Iowa offices in the upcoming primary.  All of our federal offices (both the Senate and the House) are being sought by multiple persons and several of our state seats also have competition within the respective political parties.

Ask our candidates how they will support the next generation of farmers in the state of Iowa and tell them why this is an important issue.  New farmers struggle to enter the business due to limited capital, land access and infrastructure.  As our current population of farmers continues to age, they are being replaced by large agribusiness concerns - often owned by entities outside of the state and country.  Our current systems and regulations favor these large conglomerates, promoting monocropping and the extensive use of pesticides while failing to protect new farmers who typically must enter the business with a diverse set of specialty crops on smaller parcels of land.  Iowa’s agricultural future is at stake and we need public servants who will support the transition to a new crop of farms and farmers.

All requests to receive an absentee ballot must be received by your county auditor by May 22 (this Friday).  If you did not receive a request form in the mail, you can download one from the Secretary of State’s website.  This same location provides a lookup so you can find contact information for each of Iowa’s county auditors.
Feel free to share information with others
Since we are not doing a CSA this year, there isn't really a cap to the number of people who can join our program.  We certainly have the capacity to deliver more produce and poultry than will likely be taken over the course of the year with the current group of people on our list.  Feel free to send people our way to join our farm share program.  And, if you still receive these emails and wonder if you missed the deadline - there IS NO DEADLINE.  Join us when you are ready or when the things you really want are in season.

Starter Plants
We will have some starter plants available to those that want them.  Once again, we won't know for sure how many or what types until we put a bunch into the ground over the next ten to fourteen days. Please watch our announcements to see when we have them available for you.  You WILL be able to use farm credits for these plants, just as with anything else we offer.
Be well!
   Rob and Tammy


  1. Questions for Inspector: How does he keep his white fur so white? Does he have a favorite farmer? Indoor cats have small patches of sunshine in which to nap. With all the choices of sunshine patches outdoors, how does he find the best one for an afternoon nap? Who are better conversationalists- the girls or the boyas? Or the turkeys? Are there any vegetable patches that you avoid and why?

    1. I have been chatting with Inspector the past several days. We'll see if we can get it all put together this week. Here's hoping! He's been sleeping under the arborvitae recently and usually doesn't care to be bothered when he's there. Food time is certainly out for discussion - so it's been hard getting him to clear time in his 'calendar.'


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