Saturday, May 23, 2020

If You Look At It That Way

The interesting thing about a photograph is the fact that you can frame a picture in such a way that it might suggest a completely different set of surroundings than actually exist if you were there in person.  The picture above is from a location and angle that I rarely frequent in the front yard of our farm.  The house is to the left, the road to the right and our driveway is straight ahead.... but you can't really see any of these things.

You might notice a flair box in the background and maybe part of the barn in the back left.  Otherwise, this looks like a much wider expanse than it actually is.  I also recognize that the farm is more familiar to me than it is to most everyone else - so it means something if I look at a picture of the farm and feel like I am seeing something in a new way.

I have exercised these muscles before - and even recorded some of it on the blog.  For example, we have a post from 2018 that took a look at our Harvestore from different angles and explored the farm crisis at the same time.  A 2017 post had me taking pictures from one location, but in different directions.

One of the most sure-fire ways I know of to get a new look at something is to look at it real close.  The picture above is from part of our 3 point blade for the tractor.  I was interested in the texture I found there and took a quick picture.  Artistic?  Meh.  But, it recorded something I found interesting at the moment.

Sometimes, there doesn't need to be any help.  This section of one of our oak trees illustrates a scar it received several years ago from a lightning strike.  The texture and the color variation makes me happy.  So, I thought I would share it.

Have a good weekend!

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