Friday, May 1, 2020

GFF May Newsletter

We got out of the habit of putting our monthly newsletters out last season.  We admit that part of the decline of the newsletter had to do with the stress of trying to figure out how we were going to handle changes to the farm itself.  The other reason - well, we just weren't feeling that format anymore.  There were some good things and then there were other things that just felt like we needed to get out from under.

Now watch - we'll end up doing the same song and dance anyway.  We can be kind of silly.

And we miss you all too!  At least we can say 'hi' from a distance!

Weekly Challenges
Tammy had the interesting idea that we might be able to create 'Weekly Challenges' for those who are part of our Farm Credits program.  The first was admittedly 'stolen' from our good friends at Blue Gate Farm - asking if people would enjoy creating a sign so we know who they are when they drive up.  True, we do tend to know people by sight.  But, it seemed like fun - and apparently, some people thought so as well!

Our second weekly challenge has been addressed in this blog before, but if you do not remember it, please read #6 in our news shown below.

The GFF News is put out each week in our email newsletter that announces what we have available.  We thought we would share some of it here so others can also see what is going on.  Perhaps you would like to join us?


1. Upcoming Delivery Schedule
  • Apr 30 - Cedar Falls, Jorgensen Plaza and Hansen's Outlet
  • May 6 - Waverly, St Andrew's Church & Yogi Life 
  • May 14 - Cedar Falls, Jorgensen Plaza and Hansen's Outlet 
  • May 20 - Waverly, St Andrew's Church & Yogi Life
 2. Crop & Poultry Report
The spinach is 10-14 days from first harvest!  We're not too pleased with beet/carrot germination so we are replanting. It doesn't mean we won't get any from first planting - it just means we are disappointed in them and we've given them a stern talking to - do you think that will get them to go?  The first batch of lettuce is going into the ground and looking good.  The garlic looks great.  Scapes in June and bulb harvest in July.  We just got our first (tiny) harvest of asparagus.  It usually takes 7-10 days after that to have much to sell.  We've got a huge seeding session coming up.  All of the chicks look great.  We've started on our first swale (ditch).  It's a long process, but we think it will be worth the effort.

3. New blog material for you
One of the things Rob has felt compelled to do is to write a bit more in hopes that it might help others in some fashion during the current pandemic.  Here are some of the newest posts:
4. 2020 Pre-Paid Farm Credit Program
We will run the system in $50 increments.  In other words, you can purchase a minimum of $50 of farm credit at a time.  We will cap the maximum amount of credit at $200 and you can refill your farm credits at any point.

Like the CSA program, this gives you the advantage of not having to pull out money at each delivery.  Instead, we will have a ledger with tracking for your current credit balance.  This also provides us with some working capital to start the season.  Also, like the CSA program, we will give participants better pricing and opportunities than those who might prefer to 'pay as they go.'

A major difference this year is that farm credits can be used for ANY farm product the Genuine Faux Farm offers.  If you buy farm credits, you can apply them to purchasing meat chickens, vegetables, eggs or any other thing we offer this year.

Want to sign up by mail?
Genuine Faux Farm
2345 150th Street
Tripoli, IA 50676
make checks to GFF or the Genuine Faux Farm

Want to use Paypal?
You may send cash to gff at genuinefauxfarm dot com

We are accepting purchases of credits now and throughout the season.

5. Rob's New Job
New jobs often come with 'new job trainings.'  Just such a thing occurred Wednesday - hence the delay in our weekly email.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  The other reason?  We did not get up at our normal time this AM, which shortened our day a bit.  That, in itself, is another story (for another time).

Rob's job as Communications Associate in Iowa for Pesticide Action Network is showing some real promise at this time.  We will fill all of you in on what it entails in next week's email or in a blog post (or both).

6. Being Kind Challenge - Pay Someone for No Services Received
Tammy and I are blessed to be able to say that we have income at this time.  Other people are not as fortunate.  We agreed to write checks and send them to people who have provided us with services in the past, but are unable to do so given the pandemic situation.  For example, we get hair cuts (even if it doesn't look like Rob does that often) and we do go to a massage therapist so our farmer bodies can keep moving.  These checks are meant to pay them as if they had provided us with these services that we had budgeted for anyway.  We made it clear we expected no compensation as far as future services were concerned.  And, we intend to return to them for service once things are clear to do so once again.

We challenge you - if you are able - to do the same.  I bet everyone who receives this email can think of someone who is self-employed or has a service-based job who won't easily be able to make up for the lost income.  If you happen to be one of those persons, we hope people will identify you and pass this kindness on.

7. Thank you!
And, speaking of kindnesses.  We received in the mail, some gift certificates to Rudy's that were greatly appreciated.  Thank you! 

We have also received a number of kind and encouraging notes along with payments for the 'Farm Credits' program.  These are appreciated and they do help us keep going on tough days.

We also are honored by your willingness to follow our instructions for deliveries.  We are grateful for the help as we try to do our best to protect ourselves and others.

8. Farm Credit Balances
We are half-way through the process of getting it all up to date.  The plan is to create a Google sheet with balances to be updated weekly.  Each person with credits will be given a unique ID so you can reference the table and view your balance.  We will protect your information by not housing any of your personal information there.  It will simply be a code and information about your farm credits balance.

We would like to focus on getting some things done outside this weekend, but we also hope to complete this task prior to next week's delivery.  Thank you for your patience.

9. Carrots
Grinnell Heritage Farm tells us they have more carrots.  We just need to find time to go get them.  Stay patient and we'll see what we can manage.

10. Do You Need Help?
Perhaps we can help in some small way.  If you are stuck at home and you need something we can pick up for you as a part of our delivery process, let us know.  We could swing by Meyer Pharmacy or Fareway in Waverly if you need it.  We can pick up some milk and cheese at Hansen's.  It's a small thing we might be able to do to help. 

11. Books available for others
Tammy and I both love to read.  It has been our tendency to take books we don't expect to re-read or re-re-reread to the library so others can enjoy them.  Things are different right now, so we will be putting a list out in the blog of books we are willing to pass on to others.  We have culled a couple dozen books so far and will finish that project up tomorrow!  yay!

12. Covid-19 steps and logic.
Please notice that we are asking you to let us put your order into your trunk or in the tailgate of your vehicle.  Also notice that we do not want to take money or checks from you at the delivery.  Please pay by mail or paypal.
If you want our products please purchase a minimum $50 in farm credits.  The $50 increment requires minimal commitment on your part and insures you our best prices for our product.  It's easy and you get some good food - what's not to like?

Why are we being so cautious with our deliveries?  Please remember that WE are the most likely vector to transfer Covid-19 during this process.  If person A hands me money and I hand them change, etc and then I hand person B eggs and garlic, I can transfer something from person A to anyone else that follows.  We'll wash hands and not touch our face, etc.  But, we don't want to unwittingly pass something on to you when this is REALLY NOT ALL THAT HARD for all of us to do.  In fact, it is quite easy to do.  So, let's make it work!

If you would like to chat for a while, please respect our expanded personal space.  We still like all of you and don't want you to be 'socially distant' along with the physical distance.  Believe us when we say that we also feel the strain of disconnection, but we are more than willing to continue with these restrictions for as long as is necessary.

Be well!
   Rob and Tammy

April Weather Report

Highest Recorded Month of April Lowest Recorded
79 Temperature 18
98% Humidity 23%
30.32 Barometer 29.48
1.35" Rainfall
42 mph NE * Wind Gust

* Our wind gauge is suspect once winds exceed 25 mph.  Gusts in the area were recorded up to 60 mph at the time this occurred.

Highest Recorded Year to Date Lowest Recorded
79 Temperature -17
99% Humidity 23%
30.86 Barometer 29.18
5.44" Rainfall
42 mph NE * Wind Gust

Solar Report

Month Power Generated
January 0.487 MWh
February 1.476 MWh
March 1.433 MWh
April 1.881 MWh

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